The importance of Maintenance in a Quality Process

Maintenance and Quality are closely related. Their main link resides in the fact that Maintenance procedures feed into the Quality Process.   Simply put, what is a Quality Process? • Establish the relevant procedures: the way things should be done, in which sequence, etc. • Set up relevant tools: standard documents (templates), adequate equipment, software,Continue reading “The importance of Maintenance in a Quality Process”

The 7 most expensive words in business

I can understand how expensive these words can be. Indeed, people can be really stubborn. Actually, we all have our own reality making us think we are doing the right things. Sometimes we can’t or we don’t want to think outside the box or even just see outside the box. It is more comfortable toContinue reading “The 7 most expensive words in business”

CSCM – Common Sense Centered Maintenance

In the 70s a systemic model of the world was established. It represents the way it works including all information that make it up such as demographic data, economic data, etc. According to this model confirmed by the actual data, after an exponential growth and a steep decline in resources over the past 40 years,Continue reading “CSCM – Common Sense Centered Maintenance”