Berg Engineering Pty Ltd

BERG Engineering specializes in mechanical and industrial engineering and based in Australia, Asia and New Caledonia.


– Prospection, business development, project sales and contract negotiation in New Caledonia and Melanesia
– Constant watch in order to better adapt to the market
– Identification and analysis of tenders
– Advice and support to customers during the design phase and purchase
– Project follow-up / client representation and intermediary with the Brisbane-based engineering / manufacturing and logistics teams from needs identification to delivery
– Identification of subcontractors and potential partners
– Active member in a cluster (AMD – Association Maintenance Durable) in order to expand connections to the market by participating in networking events

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Koniambo Nickel SAS




Thiess – Incorporating Silcar

Thiess was awarded the contract for the Maintenance and the Operation of a Power Station in New Caledonia for its client Koniambo Nickel SAS (Glencore-Xstrata Nickel / SMSP Partnership). This Power Station is a Greenfield Plant and it includes 2 x 135 MW CFB Boiler Steam Turbine Units and 2 x 46 MW Gas Turbines.


Definition and deployment of the Maintenance Strategy for the Power Station.

Identification of non-conformance on the behalf of the client during the Construction phase.

Participation in the Commissioning phase: development of Commissioning Procedures and preparation of the CE Certification of the boilers.

Implementation of SAP.

Planning and supervision of maintenance activities (cladding, refractory, scaffolding, housekeeping, …).

Preparation and management of shutdowns activities.

Boiler refractory and tubes inspections (Regulatory Inspections) planned and performed.

Conducted and facilitated RCAs (Root Cause Analysis)

Led SAP PM Deployment for the Power Station: Data Conversion, Testing and Training of users.

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Gascogne Laminates Switzerland SA

Gascogne Laminates Switzerland is specialised in the production of packaging and protection complexes (stickers, security paper, etc.)


Control and management of investment projects and new works – definition and implementation: technical and financial records, supervision on the field, etc.

Support departments (operation, workshop, etc.) and external services coordination.

Management of a 2.5 M€ annual budget within the framework of investment projects

Installation of 2 new production units for the global cost of 1 M€.

Maintenance Management System Project: Preliminary definition phase as part of the implementation.

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Silcar Pty. Ltd.

SILCAR is an Australian company specialised in outsourced maintenance and it also provides the management of the operation of his clients. SILCAR works in different sectors (mining, power, telecommunications, etc.).


Development of processes and procedures for the maintenance planning and scheduling department (Food Industry).

Development of a database for generic failure modes (telecommunications, paper manufacturing, mining and power generation industries)

Management of a project for the completion of Life Maintenance Plans (Power Station).

Audit and review of the Preventive Maintenance Effectiveness (Power Station).

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Ivanhoe Mines

Ivanhoe Mines Mongolia Inc.XXK

Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. is in the Asia Pacific region and is involved in the extraction of copper, gold, coal and molybdenum (used to create special alloys). Its subsidiary in Mongolia, Ivanhoe Mines Mongolia, is building a copper and gold ore extraction complex of in the Gobi Desert (Oyu Tolgoi). The plant should begin its production in 2012.


Initial data design for further implementation of the Maintenance Management System: design of a plant equipment numbering scheme for the proper use of the system (search and reporting).

Creation and delivery of a specifications document (numbering system, data format, etc.) intended to manufacturers and suppliers.

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Goro Nickel

Goro Nickel SAS

Goro Nickel, nowadays Vale New-Caledonia, is responsible for the commercial exploitation of a nickel-cobalt deposit in New Caledonia. The company started in 2009 a nickel – cobalt production complex. This is a hydrometallurgical plant that stretches out on 22 hectares.


Definition and deployment of the Maintenance Strategy for the whole site (mine, process plant, etc.)

RCM study (Reliability Centered Maintenance)

Management of the implementation of the CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) as part of the deployment of an integrated system – ERP (Entreprise Resource Planning):

  • Data design
  • Training
  • Support

Implementation and support of all information systems of the maintenance department.

Audit of the maintenance and of the ERP/CMMS

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The SMSP Group

The Société Minière du Pacifique Sud (SMSP) – South Pacific Mining Company – involved in the extraction of nickel ore. The company has operations in New Caledonia.


Definition, management (planning, scheduling) and follow-up of the Maintenance Programs of all equipment and facilities of the mining site.

Improvement and management of technical documentation library.

Support departments (warehouse, workshop, operation, etc.) and external services coordination.

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