Our vision

At a time when we are discussing how to protect our planet, the Earth, all companies and all sectors must be part of a Sustainable and Responsible Development approach.

This approach must of course take into account environmental aspects in order to be as respectful as possible of this generous Nature that surrounds us and welcomes us down here, and also to be respectful of all the living beings that make up this Nature, including mankind and in all its aspects.

When Maintenance goes along with benevolence

A Sustainable and Responsible Development approach in the noble sense is not simply a quality approach where we must simply follow rules and apply standards. It is a philosophy of life.

A question that should be asked regularly in order to live and apply this philosophy on a daily basis and in the best possible way is the following: “What do I want to leave to my children, my grandchildren and more generally to the future generations of human beings who will succeed me?”

This is a question that may seem difficult to answer and at the same time simple.

To get there simply and easily, the key word is benevolence. Benevolence in everything we do, say and think. By keeping this vision of things, this philosophy of life in mind, we can now approach Maintenance from a different angle and thus place it among the many tools that are part of a Sustainable Development approach.

Maintenance, an anti-waste tool

With good Maintenance, waste, pollution, risk of accidents and incidents, the impact on everyone’s health is considerably reduced. As a result, well-thought-out Maintenance enables people to live in an ever healthier and safer environment.

Thus, with benevolence and common sense, small and simple actions can be implemented to improve the Maintenance of industrial equipment and installations for example.

Maintenance then becomes an essential means leading to the success of a Sustainable Development approach.

What we observe

“When common sense regains its rights”

In the 1970s a systemic model of the world was established. It represents its operation, including all the information it contains such as demographic data, economic data, etc…

According to this model confirmed by real data, after exponential growth and a vertiginous decrease in resources over the last 40 years, our world will experience a change at all levels over the next two decades.

All the signs tell us that this change is inevitable, but we can prepare for it and mitigate its consequences.

Maintenance is present in all sectors and is one of the means to limit the consequences of this change.

If we want to leave future generations with a world that is a good place to live, it is our responsibility to change our habits and return to practices in which common sense plays an important role.

Today, the search for energy savings, the hunt for waste in all areas and the crisis have brought leaders to a new awareness.

They now need people at their service to set up strategies to make better use of their tools while respecting the environment.

Common sense becomes the key word for optimal Maintenance. 

Our vision

“Moving towards a Responsible Maintenance culture”

Part of a company’s success in being efficient and making money depends on how its Maintenance is managed.

Maintenance engineering is the source of the Maintenance strategies implemented in a company.

Companies have their production and profitability objectives. To support these goals and ensure that they are met, they must have good Maintenance strategies in place.

Auditing Maintenance, training people in Maintenance, designing Maintenance and technical solutions to improve reliability, refurbishing equipment and manufacturing parts are services needed by these companies.

To do this, everyone must do their part and understand how essential a Responsible Maintenance culture is and how, by mastering the entire equipment Maintenance process, it can help increase equipment Reliability, reduce loss of availability (downtime), help save money and above all avoid waste and reduce environmental impact.

We wish to raise awareness of both people and companies about the impact of human activities on their professional environment and encourage behaviour that is more respectful of the tool but also of the environment.

Our ethics

“Benevolence and Maintenance at the service of Sustainable Development”

The state of our planet must encourage us to change our vision of Maintenance and our production methods.

Humanity must initiate a paradigm shift in order to return to values that are closer to the environment and the well-being of our planet in order to respect it, but also to return to values that are closer to human beings, because in all the problems generated, the human being is at the centre of everything, he is the key.

We have decided to make Maintenance rhyme with benevolence and to make it an anti-waste tool.

We are convinced that by combining benevolence and common sense, small, simple actions can be taken to improve the Maintenance of equipment and installations.

Thus, Maintenance becomes an essential means of achieving the success of a Sustainable and Responsible Development approach which, in the noble sense of the term, is not just a quality approach where one simply has to follow rules and apply standards. It is a philosophy of life.

Our wishes for you

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. In fact, this has always been the case. ” – Margret Mead

Each of us can make a contribution. However, the building may seem difficult, complicated to erect for some.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to (re)give courage, even desire, and it doesn’t take much to change our point of view, our way of doing things, of evolving.

We are convinced that we can make each of those who participate at your side in the adventure of your company a responsible actor, by integrating Sustainable and Responsible Development, the respect for the environment.