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We carry out an assessment on the basis of interviews with key personnel who will be identified within the maintenance departments and their internal customers (operators or users as the case may be).

We analyse the documentation, processes and tools involved in maintenance management. Skills are also reviewed to ensure that the human aspect is covered.

A field visit is organised with your services. This visit is an important part of the diagnosis because it allows us to observe day-to-day life, with an outside view, of the personnel involved and their working environment.

The aim of this diagnosis is to identify the processes and practices requiring improvement, while also highlighting good practices when they are identified. The diagnosis is finalised with the production of a report including a compilation of the observations made and the related recommendations.

At the end of the diagnosis, we can offer to assist you in drawing up the action plan.


The step following the diagnosis is the preparation of an action plan. We offer to assist you in the definition and preparation of an action plan on the basis of the diagnosis and the resulting recommendations. In this stage, priority will be given to each of the actions you have selected.

Our company can also assist you in your improvement project.


To implement an action plan, it is necessary to define a schedule that will allow a methodical and programmed implementation of each of the improvement solutions. This involves defining a project to manage the deployment of these solutions. International DRB can provide support to assist you in this phase of project definition and follow-up to ensure that the project runs smoothly.


Our customers are in different sectors, they all have their own particularities and in this sense the “Responsible Maintenance” approach is aimed at all types of customers and in particular the small structures that make up the majority of the economic tissue.

What is it all about?

“Responsible Maintenance” focuses on a simple approach to maintenance to enable organisations (companies, institutions, profit centres, etc.) to become autonomous in managing the maintenance of their assets. This involves popularising what maintenance is.

The aim of our seminars is to raise our clients’ awareness of Responsible Maintenance through basic principles and management tools based on good practices while providing them with elements for improvement.

How is a seminar structured?


A mini-diagnosis (or assessment) is first carried out by our company; we will focus on the fundamentals of maintenance management in order to identify operations and practices requiring improvement, while also highlighting good practices when they are identified. This mini-diagnosis will in no way replace a diagnosis as described above.

Guidance on good maintenance management practices:

This phase is divided into 2 parts.

In the first part, we will assist the personnel identified by the client on the good practices in the field of maintenance management in the form of an interactive presentation during which an exchange with the participants will be established.

In the second part, with the cooperation of the participants, we will go through the preliminary results of the mini-diagnosis in order to prepare the implementation of the action plan.

Preparation of the action plan:

In this last phase, we will assist the client in defining the action plan based on the results of the mini-diagnosis.


However, our services are scalable to enable them to adapt to our clients’ needs in order to best respond to their issues in a pragmatic manner.

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