The 7 most expensive words in business

I can understand how expensive these words can be. Indeed, people can be really stubborn. Actually, we all have our own reality making us think we are doing the right things.

Sometimes we can’t or we don’t want to think outside the box or even just see outside the box. It is more comfortable to stay where we are and to think the way we think. It can sometimes take a lot of efforts to think differently, to step outside our comfort zone. And we are all the same, no exception.

This is why I agree, we need to challenge the way things are done to make sure they are always adequate however sometimes reinventing the wheel is not a solution. This could even be very expensive too especially when long term is not part of the equation. For instance, some technics used in the past were replaced by “better” ones however the environmental impact wasn’t taken into account and now we are back to these “old” technics.

When these technics were replaced we probably didn’t question why they even existed. Our ancestors were not that stupid, actually they used what we call common sense and profit was not always the first motivation. A good illustration is the programmed obsolescence. Nowadays TVs, cars, generators, and objects in general are designed so that they will only last a predefined time. No more. There death is programmed independently to the way they are maintained; well almost because a minimum is required. Few years ago I had the chance to visit a small printing company’s workshop. As a Mechanical Engineer a very old machine caught my eyes. In fact only the technology of this machine was old. It was a real pleasure to watch this shining machine working perfectly without any abnormal noise. Actually, it was in a so good condition I thought it was renovated. There was not even a single drop of oil on the floor. It was clean. The machine was really functioning perfectly like a Swiss watch. I had the chance to talk to the operator, a very passionate person. He very simply described the way it was working and most important the way it was maintained. He confessed that not a single part as ever been replaced. There were other machines in the workshop that had all the latest technology but this machine was the most reliable. This machine was about a hundred years old. I was amazed.

Published by David Rizet-Blancher

Expert in Maintenance, Reliability and CMMS